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Report from the bursary committee:

This report summarizes the activities of the bursary committee in the year 2013-2014.


In June 2009, Abeingo Association of Canada members launched a bursary scheme as a way to giving back to communities in Kenya. The purpose of the bursaries was to provide funding to qualified eligible students in Kenya who otherwise would not be able to meet their financial obligations because of their domestic situation. Primarily the bursaries were targeted at girls who were disadvantaged because they had lost one or both parents due to HIV epidemic.

Thanks to members of Abeingo Association of Canada and their supporters the bursary is now entering year 5.

Below is a summary of number of bursaries given out since 2010:

Year No
2010 Money given to Organizations in Kenya
2012 514
2013 16

The full report can be downloaded: 2013 Bursary Report

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