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Report from the bursary committee 2010-2011:

A fund raising was held in November 2010 in order to assist in providing financial assistance (bursaries) to needy children in western Kenya. The bursaries are allocated competitively. Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. They must be needy. Preference is given to orphans.
  2. Ratio of bursaries is given at 4 girls and 1 boy.
  3. Priority was given to AIDS / HIV –orphaned students though all needy students were considered.
  4. Applicant demonstrated good performance in school.
  5. Applicants were recommended by the headmasters/School principals.

The bursary disbursement committee was set up after the Abeingo dinner fundraising in November 2010. The committee consists of Leonard Wandili, Edith Wambayi, Khwaka Kukubo, Ken Simiyu and Japheth Kubati and scrutinizes all applications.

In 2011, a total of five scholarships were given from the 2100 dollars that was raised in the fundraising:

Name School Amount  (Kes) Amount (Cad)
Jackson Wekesa Friends school Kamusinga 79,000 1000
Jemimah Andayi Kilimo Girls School, Likuyani 7,665 80
Patience Nekesa Sanya St. Augustines Matunda 12,588 150
Phanice Anyona Ebusiloli Sec School, Bunyore 5,300 60
Faith Mutenyo Namulanda St. Annes Musoli Girls Busia 10,100 110


Profile of recipients:

Jackson Wekesa
Total:  1,000 Canadian dollars

This is a total orphan who is a final year student (Form 1V) at Friends School Kamusinga. Jackson  and  owed the school 1000 dollars being fees accumulated for the last four years he has been in school. His fees had been paid by volunteers through a nonprofit organization called TITLIP, based in Western Kenya. The headmaster only kept Jackson in school because he has been a hard working all round student with no disciplinary problems. Jackson is also a school prefect and helps the school in maintaining discipline in the school.

Jemimah Andayi
Total: 7,665.00 Kes

This is a form 1 girl-child student at Kilimo girls secondary school in Bukura Kakamega county. The total fee balance was Kes 7,665.00. The Principal described her as a hard working student and had requested that the best way to help Jemimah Andayi  was to put her in boarding school which was to cost 19, 900 Kes per year. The Principal felt that this would enable her to concentrate on her schooling. Members of the committee decided that it was too early to commit to putting her in boarding without a well thought out plan of how this will be sustained in the following years. Hence it was resolved to pay for only day scholar fees and then re-visit the issue next year.

Patience Nekesa Sanya
Total: 12,588

This is a girl-child student in form 1 at St. Augustines Secondary Matunda that was described by her headmaster as hardworking and needy. Total fees balance was Kes 12588/= which was paid in full.

Patience's mother is a widow who is looking after 6 other children. The mother has a very small farm which cannot generate enough income. She is also on ARV (anti-retroviral treatment).

Phanice Anyona
Total: 60 Canadian dollars (Kes 5,300)

She is a student at Ebusiloli Sec School. The Principal described her as a very hard working student but who was also very needy.

Faith Mutenyo Namulanda
Total: 10,000 Kes

Faith is a student in St. Annes Musoli Girls Busia. She is very hard working and her performance especially in the sciences is very good. She is also good in Mathematics.


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